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Chemical communication is the most common type of communication in the animal and plant kingdoms. Animals use chemical signals to interact with each other and with their environment. The nature and the complexity of the chemical signals vary from one species to another. Pheromones and infochemicals have been identified for thousands of animal species. The semiochemicals are being used for monitoring pests, delimitation, detection of invasive species, control of pests, studies of biodiversity and ecology, and can be used for protection of threatened species. Identification of semiochemicals involves extraction, isolation, and structural elucidation using various analytical chemistry techniques. This is followed by synthesis and biological testing. Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment used for identification of sex pheromones and other semiochemicals. This involve quarantine facilities for working with quarantine species, the latest technology of pheromone extraction and isolation, GC/EAD and EAG for electrophysiological analysis, GC/MS, GC/MS-MS, CI and organic synthesis lab. We have extensive experience with pheromone and semiochemical identification and development of semiochemical based systems to control insect pests. If you are looking for the development of pheromones or attractants for a given species and need help or assistance in your project, please contact us by email or fill the form below to discuss your project.

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As technology continues to advance, scientists continually search for ways to adopt new technology to better serve their scientific needs. This may require new hardware and software development to allow for collecting data and analyzing information. We offer hardware/software development and integration solutions to extend the capabilities of technologies that enable researchers to do better science. We have highly-specialized software engineering capabilities and extensive experience enabling us to create unique hardware and software to support various deployment scenarios. We have developed various hardware and software for biological and chemical research – please check out our Hi-Tech products page. We will be happy to develop a custom hardware and software solution for your needs.

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