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Anthropol Anz

Title:[Significance of sex and gender studies for anthropology]
Author(s):Kirchengast, S.
Address:Institut fur Anthropologie der Universitat Wien, Osterreich.
Year:2004 Sep
Journal Title:Anthropol Anz
Page Number:257-67
ISSN/ISBN:0003-5548 (Print). 0003-5548 (Linking)
Abstract:The formation of a special working group for gender studies within the German Anthropological Society (GfA) makes necessary a description of history as well as topics of gender studies within science and biological anthropology. In German speaking countries, gender studies are predominantly associated with social and cultural sciences, although very successful working groups belonging to natural sciences already exist. Unfortunately, up to now gender studies within natural sciences are often interpreted negatively and the existence of sex is denied. This may be due to the long and difficult history of gender studies in natural sciences. For a long time, pseudoscientific misinterpretations of results of gender studies were used to manifest the inferior social position of women. However, since more than thirty years respectable gender studies are integrated in social as well as natural sciences. Gender studies are integrative parts of nearly all subdisciplines of biological anthropology. The formation of a working group for gender studies within the GfA seems therefore to be useful.

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