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Acta Biol Hung

Title:Auto-spermatophore extrusion reveals that the reproductive timer functions in the separated terminal abdominal ganglion in the male cricket
Author(s):Sakai, M. Kumashiro, M.
Address:Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Okayama University, Tsushima-Naka-3-1-1, Okayama, 700-8530, Japan.
Journal Title:Acta Biol Hung
Page Number:113-20
ISSN/ISBN:0236-5383 (Print). 0236-5383 (Linking)
Abstract:Auto-spermatophore extrusion is a kind of spermatophore extrusion without genital coupling in the male cricket. It rarely occurred in intact males paired with a female, while it frequently occurred in all the males with the connectives cut under restraint and dissection. The time interval (SPaSE) between spermatophore preparation and auto-spermatophore extrusion was found to be comparable to that (RS2) of the time-fixed sexually refractory stage measured by the calling song. According to extracellular spike recording, the dorsal pouch motoneuron (mDP), which singly innervates the dorsal pouch muscles and is responsible for spermatophore extrusion, showed a burst discharge in association with auto-spermatophore extrusion with an interval similar to RS2 in males with the connectives transected between the 6th abdominal ganglion and the terminal abdominal ganglion (TAG) after spermatophore preparation. These results strengthened our previous conclusion that the reproductive timer for RS2 is located in the TAG, and demonstrated that it functions normally even in the TAG separated from the rest of the central nervous system.

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