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Arch Cardiol Mex

Title:[Flavonoids and the cardiovascular system: can they be a therapeutic alternative?]
Author(s):Tenorio Lopez, F. A. del Valle Mondragon, L. Pastelin Hernandez, G.
Address:Departamento de Farmacologia, Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia "Ignacio Chavez", Mexico, D.F.
Year:2006 Oct-Dec
Journal Title:Arch Cardiol Mex
Page Number:S33-45
Volume:76 Suppl 4
ISSN/ISBN:1405-9940 (Print)
Abstract:It has been suggested that dietary intake of flavonoids may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, in vitro and in vivo studies shows that flavonoids has a vast array of biological activities. Our aim in this review is to put in evidence the effect of flavonoids on several enzymatic systems that could act as potential therapeutic targets, based on the reports of diverse research groups, leaders in the natural products research area, have published through the years, and with the goal of consolidating those results with the findings provided by some epidemiological studies, could support the introduction of these compounds into the clinic.

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