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Am J Primatol

Title:Mating behaviors of the proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)
Author(s):Murai, T.
Address:Graduate School of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.
Year:2006 Aug
Journal Title:Am J Primatol
Page Number:832-7
ISSN/ISBN:0275-2565 (Print). 0275-2565 (Linking)
Abstract:The mating behaviors of the proboscis monkey were observed in a riverine forest along a tributary of the Kinabatangan River, Sabah, Malaysia, for a period of 30 months. Solicitation for copulation was initiated frequently by males and occasionally by females. Most copulations involved only one mount; however, some multiple-mount copulations were observed and a maximum of six mounts per copulation were recorded. The mean duration of mounts was about 27 sec. Nonsexual mounts (female-female, female-juvenile/infant, juvenile-juvenile, and juvenile-infant) were also observed. Female-female mounts occurred shortly after failed solicitations toward males were observed. Harassment by juveniles and/or infants was observed during copulation; however, these harassments apparently did not interfere with copulation. Sexual swelling was evident in 77.4% of copulating females, with copulating subadult females showing the most distinct swelling.

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